More than just masterclasses …

Supporting non-profit sustainability

The Words that Count Growth Academy was born out of a commitment to adding value to the professionals in the non-profit sector.

I have worked in and around this sector for more than 20 years and I have learned so much, about fundraising in particular and non-profits in general, from an amazing group of dedicated professionals who always keep the greater good front and centre. But sometimes, there were no experts to lean on and those lessons were hard-won (I fell on my nose – sometimes literally – more times than I care to remember).

During 2020, as the world ground to a halt to make way for a pandemic, I took the opportunity to reflect on all the challenges and the wins – and the people who have shared the journey, especially since I established Words that Count in 2012.

And it got me thinking – there are so few focused learning opportunities, especially for fundraisers in Southern Africa and even extending across the continent. Don’t misunderstand me, there is a lot of information available out there and actually, that’s the problem. There is so much information that overwhelm sets in and by the time you finish wading through Google and YouTube, you are more confused than when you began.

But a solution is at hand …

The Growth Academy is a community of fundraisers and non-profit leadership who learn from monthly masterclasses, a huge variety of resources, Facebook lives and a private group where questions can be asked and answered in a professional and nurturing manner… As well as the opportunity to pick not just my brain, but the brains of the experts that we are going to bring in to share their knowledge and experience with you.

Knowing the sector as I do – and the sacrifices that its professionals make to ensure that the change actually happens – I realised that price-point would be a major factor in the decision to join the tribe.

Making sure that the value of the membership is significantly higher than the monthly fee is a primary driver for the content that we are curating and the best news is that for as long as you remain a member, you will have access to ALL of the content, right from our launch in May 2021. As we go, we will build a repository of knowledge that I hope will become your personal non-profit Google!

And all this for R349 (US$47 for non-South African members) per month.

A preview of our first three modules

Masterclass one

The changing face of your donor:
Do you fundamentally understand your donor? Do you understand the donor you are trying to attract better than they know themselves.
Who is your ideal donor?
What is keeping them up at night?
What in the media touches their hearts?
Putting you firmly into the hearts and minds of your donors.

Masterclass two

Networking in a post-Covid world:
Networking has changed – have you? Where are you finding donors and supporters? What’s new? Are you up to date? Some platforms to be explored include
Clubhouse, Linkedin, traditional media.
Putting you front and centre in the right forums can make all the difference.

Masterclass three

Marketing to your donors:
Do you have a marketing strategy? Or are you telling everyone everything and hoping for the best? Reconnecting with your Why and developing a Why statement.
Segmenting your audience. Matching audiences and platforms.
Giving you the opportunity to hone your marketing plans until they are razor-sharp!